Last 9 digits of your card

The FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege®1card offers advantages well beyond those of a regular credit facility!

A score of advantages exclusive to Réseau FADOQ members:

  • A free VISA Gold card1
  • An all-in-one card: a secure payment facility AND your FADOQ membership
  • A generous reward program
  • Free collision and damages to a rental vehicle coverage2


It's an alternative to your current FADOQ membership card. You can take advantage of a VISA Gold card, while continuing to enjoy all the benefits of the Réseau FADOQ membership.


No monthly or annual fees1. No user fees.

Better yet! Charge an average monthly amount of $500, or total annual amount of $6,000, to your FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card and get your Réseau FADOQ membership free of charge3.


With the FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card, you won't have to carry a lot of cash. Less cash means fewer risk of loss and less temptation for thieves.

Last but not least, VISA's Zero Liability4 coverage protects you against fraudulent transactions. You won't pay a dime in case of unauthorized use of your card.


Collect points from the reward program with every purchase settled with your Laurentian Bank FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card. $1 SPENT = 1 POINT

Each purchase is rewarded! Redeem your points for:

Points add up fast - Use the mini-calculator to see how you can make the most points with your card!


Are you in the habit of renting vehicles for transportation or while on vacation? You're covered with the FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card. Compliments of your card, you benefit from free collision and damages to a rental vehicle coverage2.

Apply for a FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card today!
3 easy ways to inquire or apply:

For details on Réseau FADOQ membership and activities, dial 1-800-828-3344 or visit

®1. VISA Int./ Laurentian Bank of Canada, licensed user.

1. Some conditions apply. Subject to credit approval by the Laurentian Bank of Canada (hereafter "the Bank"). The FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card is offered only to Réseau FADOQ members. No monthly or annual fees. As at February 22, 2013, the annual interest rate of the Laurentian Bank FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card is 19.99% on purchases and 21.99% on balance transfers and cash advances.

2. Maximum of 48 consecutive months. Some conditions apply. For details, refer to the certificate of insurance, or dial 514-522-6345 (Montreal and area) or toll-free 1-888-823-7337.

3. The FADOQ annual membership fee usually costs $30 for a period of twelve months. With the FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card, the client benefits from a reduced annual membership fee of $25, billable on the anniversary date of the FADOQ membership. The Bank shall reimburse the FADOQ annual membership fee in the form of a credit of $25, insofar as the cardholder charges to the VISA account an average minimum monthly amount of $500, or total annual amount of $6,000, and maintains a minimum of 30 days of activity. The FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card is available only to existing FADOQ members; accordingly, initial membership fees are not eligible for reimbursement. Cash advances, account fees (NSF fees, etc.), VISA cheques, balance transfers, automated banking machine transactions and all account credits are not considered qualifying purchases for the reimbursement. Should the cardholder cancel the FADOQ membership, the FADOQ VISA Gold Privilege card will be canceled or replaced with another Laurentian Bank VISA card.

4. To benefit from the coverage, each authorized user must comply with the agreement governing the use of the Laurentian Bank VISA card, including conditions regarding the obligation to protect the PIN.