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You and your family are covered as soon as you leave your province of residence.1

Some accidents or unfortunate incidents that may seem unimportant at first can cost a lot more than you bargained for.

During a stay in West Yarmouth, Maine, in the United States, you get sunstroke from taking a nap in the sun. You have to see a doctor and receive appropriate emergency treatment. The cost is $615. RAMQ will cover just $71. Fortunately, you have a VISA EXPLORE card. The insurance on your card covers the balance of $544.

Your insurance protects you, your spouse and your children (if they're travelling with you) for the entire period of your trip or vacation.

  • Hospital, Medical and paramedical care and services insurance (up to $5,000,000 coverage)
  • Trip cancellation insurance (up to $2,000 per person for a cancellation and up to $5,000 per person for an interruption)
  • Delayed baggage insurance (up to $2,500 per person)
  • Auto rental collision/loss damage insurance (48 days' coverage)
  • Public transport vehicle accident insurance (up to $500,000 per person)

Additional services

  • 24-hour telephone assistance for travellers
  • Guaranteed reservation service, so you'll always have a room no matter when you arrive
  • Emergency cash advance service
  • Card replacement service worldwide for lost or stolen cards

Refer to the collision certificate.

Refer to the business collision certificate.

Refer to the liability certificate.

Refer to the purchase distribution guide.

Refer to the travel distribution guide.

1  Certain conditions apply. See insurance Distribution Guide for full details.

All the insurance programs are subject to the restrictions and conditions stated for in the insurance certificates and the distribution guides included in the welcome package for new cardholders.