Last 9 digits of your card


Do you always book your trips with the same travel agency? You don't have to change.

Step 1: Make your reservation and pay with your Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite card
Step 2: Receive your VISA statement
Step 3: Call to obtain your travel credit

Every 10,000 points on your card reduces your travel cost by $100!

To get your travel credits:

  • Call 514-252-1846 or 1-800-252-1846 within 60 days after you receive a copy of your account statement
  • A travel discount will be duly credited to your account

You'll also receive comprehensive travel insurance when you pay for your trip with your VISA EXPLORE card.

Bon voyage!

* Reservations must be made with a licensed Canadian travel agency, airline or hotel. A minimum of 10,000 points, equivalent to savings of $100, is required to obtain a travel discount.