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What's on the program: change of scene or rest? The EXPLORE travel agency has something for everyone... and at unbeatable prices for good measure!

From the classic Caribbean cruise to the all-inclusive vacation by the sea and the ever popular week-long vacation to Florida's Walt Disney World, your agency has a knack for crafting dream vacation ideas. It even finds time to whip up seasonal specials: a spa hotel, a golf getaway or a train ride to fully enjoy the explosion of autumn colors. Your agency is never short of imagination!


  • Use your points to settle a portion of your trip. For example, have you collected 30,5000 points? Apply them to the transaction and reduce your travel costs by $305. Make the best of it!

  • Automatically collect 25% more points when booking one of the travel ideas or any other transaction settled with our travel agency. $1 spent = 2.50 points.

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